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Here you will find information about the services we offer, how to get started, our scope of services, links to a variety of free screenings and mental health resources, information about our prevention and educational programming, and details about training opportunities (doctoral internship, postdoctoral residency, and masters-level training programs). We hope you find the information on this site helpful and informative.


Passionate About Mental Health? Apply to be a Mental Health Ambassador!

Published February 20, 2018

2017-2018 MHAs

MHAs are App State students who are trained by Counseling Center staff to give presentations that raise awareness and fight stigmas about mental health. Applications are due March 2nd, 2018 and can be found at mha.appstate.edu/applications.

How do I become a Mental Health Ambassador?

  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Complete application and reference forms
  • Must be responsible, motivated, and energetic
  • Must be interested in mental health topics and promoting positive mental health
  • Be able to commit to Fall and Spring semester involvement
  • Be able to attend weekly staff meetings on Friday afternoons and training seminar on Friday, August 17, 2018 and Monday, August 20, 2018

Benefits of becoming a Mental Health Ambassador:

  • Meet new people
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Build up resume for graduate school or your career
  • Gain experience in a mental health environment


Submit completed application packets (your application form and two reference forms) to Dr. Emily Lazar by mail or they may be dropped off at the ASU Counseling Center (in the Annas Student Support Building behind the Post Office). Application packets should be in a sealed envelope and are due Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

Contact Emily Lazar (lazarek@appstate.edu) or Leslie Martin (martinle1@appstate.edu)
at 262-3180 with questions.

What’s Group Counseling All About?

Published January 3, 2018

 group of butterflies

Group counseling is one of the services the Counseling Center offers to App State students. Our groups take many different forms to meet student needs. Some are focused on particular topics or communities, such as students who identify as LGBTQ+, students of color, and students with eating concerns. Some groups may meet for 1-2 months and others may last for an entire semester. Some require regular attendance while others are drop-in groups that you can attend as your schedule allows.  

Here are some reasons for college students to consider group counseling:

  • Research on group counseling supports the idea that it can be just as effective as individual counseling.
  • At the Counseling Center, there are no limits on the number of group sessions a student can attend and there is no cost to attend.
  • Groups can provide…
    • a way to feel less lonely and more connected on campus
    • the opportunity for students with similar experiences or concerns to come together to support each other
    • the chance to get perspectives and feedback from multiple sources, including a mental health professional and your peers
    • a way to learn skills to improve relationships, better understand yourself, reduce stress, and cope with other life challenges
    • the chance to learn to feel more comfortable being with and communicating in groups
    • the opportunity to try out new ways of relating to other people in a confidential and supportive environment

Many of our groups will be starting in late January or early February. If you are interested in knowing more about them, we encourage you to visit our Group Counseling page to learn how to get involved.

(A copy of the Spring 2018 Group Schedule can be downloaded here.)

For the complete group schedule... Read More

Invite a Counseling Center’s Mental Health Ambassador into your classroom or club meeting!

Published September 2, 2017

As we all work together to break the stigma surrounding mental health & counseling!

 Why schedule an MHA presentation?

  •     One in four young adults between the ages of 18 & 24 have a diagnosable mental illness yet this age group shows the lowest rate of help seeking
  •     Mental health issues are a leading impediment to academic success
  •     Untreated mental illness in college students is associated with lower GPA & drop out
  •     Treatment is effective but shame & stigma interfere with access
  •     Our trained peers are the most effective means of encouraging our students to seek help

Its Real: College Students and Mental Health video coverWe are excited to offer a NEW program this year!
A short film featuring real stories and experiences of students. It’s Real that depression and other mental health conditions are real illnesses that can be managed through specific treatments and interventions. It encourages students to be mindful of the state of their mental health, to acknowledge and recognize when they are struggling, and to take steps to seek help.


To schedule a screening of this film or another mental health presentation go to www.mha.appstate.edu or contact lazarek@appstate.edu.


Statement on Diversity

Published August 2, 2017

The staff of the Counseling & Psychological Services Center is committed to the valuing of diversity in all of its forms. All are welcome, respected, and appreciated here.

We live in a diverse world consisting of many groups of people who have been de-valued and discriminated against based on such characteristics as race, ethnicity, cultural background, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic status. We believe that such prejudice and discrimination is detrimental to those who are targets, those who target, and the world in general.

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Free Online Screenings from the Counseling Center

Published August 1, 2017
















Did you know that the Counseling Center's website offers free online screenings for a variety of different mental health concerns? Check out our screenings here, or read more for additional information!

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Emergency Services

The Counseling Center offers after-hours emergency coverage for urgent mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and other trauma.  Call the Counseling Center at 828-262-3180 and select the option to speak with the counselor on-call.

During operating hours, students in crisis can walk in any time.

Prevent Suicide Block

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