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Counseling Center Referral Services

Getting the Right Fit for You

Thank you for your interest in the Counseling and Psychological Services Center. We value you and want to be sure you get the best possible care. The purpose of this information is to help you understand why we refer students to providers in the community and make you aware of additional resources.

Common Reasons for Referral
  • You indicate that you prefer to be seen by a provider in the community
  • You would benefit from seeing a specialist
  • You would benefit from longer-term treatment or more frequent appointments
  • Other providers or resources are a better fit for your needs
  • We have a wait for services and you may get an appointment in the community more quickly

We realize that, for many students, it takes a lot of courage and it can be a very difficult step to come to the Counseling Center and ask for help, as well as share your story. In turn, we want to make sure you are connected with services that will best meet your needs.

How the Counseling Center’s Referral Coordinator Can Help

  • The Counseling Center has a referral coordinator who is dedicated to helping you find services and resources in the community. This person can:
    • Help you identify community resources for any other needs you may have, like finances, food, clothing, and other social services.
    • Help you consider which specific therapist may be a good fit, who takes your insurance, how you can afford it, and how to travel to your new therapist.
  • You can work together with the referral coordinator until you have found the right treatment options and resources for you.
  • The front desk staff can help you schedule with the referral coordinator after you have completed an Initial Interview during Initial Consultation hours.
  • The Referral Coordinator can help students get connected to community resources for Mental Health Assessments such as ESA (Emotional Support Animal). Please Note:  Students who are interested in an assessment for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) can contact the Referral Coordinator, Scott Dula (LCSW), directly at (828)262-3180 for a current list of providers in the community who provide ESA assessments.

Please call us if you have any additional questions at (828)262-3180.