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Referring Students to the Counseling Center

You can help a student by referring them to the Counseling Center using the talking points listed below:

  • Use the guidelines for talking with a student in distress.
  • Normalize counseling as a resource that can benefit most individuals, regardless of the nature or severity of their presenting concern.
  • Inform students that their first visit to the Counseling Center is for an Initial Consultation, where they will briefly discuss their concerns with a clinician and will receive a recommendation regarding services. Remind them that an Initial Consultation does not require a commitment to ongoing counseling.
  • If you want to offer extra support, you can have the student call the Counseling Center from your room or office, and/or you can offer to walk with the student over to the Counseling Center.

How do I know if a student received counseling?

Ask the student. Because counseling is confidential, we cannot inform you if the person of concern came to the Counseling Center or reveal what they talked about. Therefore, the best way to find out if the student came to the Center is to follow up with this individual yourself. However, Counseling Center staff are still available to consult if you would like to provide further information about the student of concern or want more guidance on how to continue helping them.