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Finding Balance Over Break: Tips for Having Difficult Conversations

Winter break can bring fun opportunities, but what happens when what you need is different from what others want from you? The following tips can help you understand your own needs and communicate with others effectively and with kindness.

Understand how you feel about a situation:

1. Consider your values and what’s important to you. Remember that sometimes two important values can conflict with one another (e.g. spending time with family may be an important value, and spending time by yourself or with friends can be other important values).


Dec 10, 20
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Renewing Ourselves during the Holidays

Winters are meant to be cold. Nature teaches us to understand that things get tired and sometimes need to slow down. It gets dark early and perhaps that is nature's way of delivering us a message. It’s summoning us to rest, to recuperate, to rejuvenate, to recover, to regain, revise, recalibrate and renew. Let our soul and spirit rest for a little while! Let our body and mind restore. When it snows outside, let us appreciate what keeps us warm in our homes. Let us nurture our friendships and find meaning in the presence of our loved ones! Also, when you are outside, don’t forget to look out for the roses and snowdrops. Even in the cold, they have found a way to survive, to thrive, and to bloom. Maybe we can too! Look carefully and you will also find the tiny buds. They are destined to continue the legacy of life. When the petals fall off on the flowers that remain, know in your heart that the cycle of life continues. The buds are preparing themselves to bloom when the time comes. Be patient! Stay hopeful!


Dec 8, 20
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Prep your coping skills for Winter Break!

After a semester that has certainly been unlike any other, many students are eagerly anticipating Winter Break. This is a time to rest, relax, and spend time with loved ones. While this time away from schoolwork can be restorative for many, we also know that Winter Break can present its own set of challenges. Emotional, financial, physical, and interpersonal stressors may all impact student mental health during this time away from campus. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic may also mean that students and their families are making difficult adjustments to their usual holiday routines.


Nov 10, 20
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Coping Skills During COVID-19

College can be a stressful time under normal circumstances, not to mention during a pandemic! The additional stressors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic can have significant impacts on student mental health. We've compiled a self-help document, 'Coping During the Coronavirus Pandemic' we hope will help students become more familiar with the resources available to them, including websites, apps, and campus supports. Head over to our Self-Help page under *Coping During the Corona Virus Pandemic* to explore self-help materials for this and other topics related to student mental health.


Oct 23, 20
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