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Application Information for Master's Level Training

How to Apply

Applicants are asked to submit the following (please include the first three items together in an email to the training coordinator and submit to

*If you are applying for a Practicum position (CMHC or PsyD students), a secondary site placement (MFT students), or a field placement (Social Work students), please submit two professional references from advisors and/or previous supervisors on the reference form provided by the Counseling Center. If you are applying for an Externship position (CMHC or PsyD students), please submit three professional references from advisors and/or previous supervisors on the reference form provided by the Counseling Center.

Application Deadlines

Typically, applications will be due mid-spring semester for fall placements, and mid-fall for spring placements. Please contact Dr. Leslie Martin for questions about application deadlines or any questions you might have about our training experiences or application due dates that are not answered on this website.  Individuals interested in Fall 2024 placements should submit their application materials no later than March 31, 2024.  Please do not submit materials until the semester they are due/until it is time for you to apply.   

How do I know if I am a good fit for this training site?

It is strongly recommended that applicants complete the following courses prior to the start of training:

  • Advanced Abnormal Psychology (aka Developmental Assessment & Diagnosis) (Preferred)
  • Ethical/Legal Issues (Preferred)

Please note that if a trainee has not completed the courses listed above, supplemental material may be required prior to beginning clinical work.

  • Trainees cannot receive counseling services at the Center while participating in the training.
  • Trainees must attend orientation prior to the beginning of the semester. Orientation for the training site typically occurs the Friday before classes begin. 
  • Trainees must attend two weekly supervision meetings (8 am on Tuesday & Thursday) throughout the semester. Individuals who have conflicts with this requirement will not be able to be placed with us, as we value the training and supervision that occur during these meetings.
  • For the paid externships, be advised that in order to qualify for assistantship funding, one must be enrolled in academic hours for the semesters that you are receiving funding. Check with the graduate school if you have any questions in regard to this requirement.
  • While diagnosis is not a core aspect of our training philosophy, we recognize its importance as a part of future employment for many trainees and we integrate the use of the DSM in our clinical work.

Contact Us

Please submit any correspondence and all applications to:

Leslie Martin, Ph.D. (; 828-262-3180)
Associate Director for Training
Counseling & Psychological Services Center
Miles Annas Student Services Building

If you have questions, please contact (828)262-3180 or email Dr. Leslie Martin.