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Information for Faculty and Staff

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Students with difficulties have a number of resources available to them. These resources include close friends, relatives, clergy, and coaches. In fact, anyone who is seen as caring and trustworthy may be a potential resource in times of trouble. In your role as faculty or staff, students may perceive you as someone who can lend a helping hand or be a good listener. Your expression of interest and concern may be a critical factor in helping a struggling student find appropriate assistance. Although referral to expert help may be a useful piece of responding to a student in distress, you do not need to be a mental health professional to provide support. In many situations, a sufficient first step is to simply make time to calmly listen to a student, encourage them, and validate their concerns.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Trauma-Informed Responses to Disclosure for Faculty and Staff

Provided by trauma specialists from the Counseling Center, this educational workshop will offer staff and faculty members practical information, support and resources to help respond thoughtfully and in a trauma-informed manner when students disclose experiences of sexual violence and other traumatic events.

Dates and Times: 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023: 4 to 5 PM in Plemmons Student Union Rm. 169 Three Top Mountain

Monday, April 17, 2023: 2-3 PM via Zoom: