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Clinical Staff

Ms. Heidi Campbell 2016Heidi Campbell, M.A.
Staff Counselor, Consultant to Athletics Department
Licensed Psychological Associate in North Carolina

Education: Bachelor's of Art, Princeton University
Masters in Clinical Psychology, Appalachian State University 

Internship: New River Behavioral Healthcare

Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Heidi has worked at the Appalachian State University Counseling Center in varying capacities for over 10 years, most recently as a full-time Staff Counselor. She comes from a background in community and school mental health, working in interdisciplinary settings with youth, adults, and families. Heidi works with a wide range of issues, including depression and suicide, trauma, anxiety, women’s issues, eating concerns, and relationship and attachment problems. Heidi has a strong interest in working with underserved and marginalized populations and currently co-facilitates the Transgender Therapy Group at the Counseling Center. For the past year, Heidi has served in a new role as the primary Counseling Center liaison to the Athletics Department, providing consultation, outreach, and psychoeducation to student-athletes, coaches, administration, and other staff.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Heidi works from a holistic, collaborative approach to therapy. Her theoretical orientation is integrative, primarily drawing from client-centered, interpersonal process, and – more recently - relational-cultural and feminist perspectives. Heidi frequently incorporates cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and mindfulness techniques into her work. She has a strong belief in every person’s capacity for growth and health and views her role as therapist as creating an affirming, safe space to foster change and potential.

Personal Interests: Heidi cherishes spending time with family and loved ones, especially going on outdoor adventures with her husband and two children. She is an avid runner, cyclist, and skier and takes any opportunity to get out in the mountains of the High Country. Heidi is also a keen traveler and especially enjoys experiencing different cultures. In her quieter moments, she enjoys reading, baking, and gardening.

Dr. Kati Connelly 2016Kati Connelly, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Master's Training Coordinator/Coordinator of Eating Concerns Treatment Team

Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina
Doctorate Program: Counseling Psychology, University of Florida
Doctoral Internship: Appalachian State University

Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Kati is a generalist by training. Her areas of interest include eating concerns, trauma, sexual assault, LGBTQIIA concerns, and life transitions. In addition to individual therapy, she is very passionate about providing group therapy and training/supervision.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Kati's theoretical orientation is integrative, primary drawing from interpersonal process therapy, client-centered therapy, and feminist-multicultural therapy. As she collaboratively tailors counseling to each of her clients, she also pulls from existential-humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, relational-cultural, and mindfulness-based approaches.

Personal Interests: In her personal time, Kati recharges by spending time with friends, practicing yoga, training her dog, and hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mr. Scott DulaScott A. Dula, (LCSW)
Referral Coordinator
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Appalachian State University,
Masters in Social Work from Appalachian State University with a concentration in Individual/Family Counseling.


Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Scott likes to utilize "Strengths Based Perspective" to meet students where they are in their college journey, and assist them in connecting with community resources that will best meet their needs. In addition, he incorporates Cognitive-Behavioral therapy into his Individual Therapy practices when working with students.

Personal Interests: Scott enjoys anything outdoors, time with his family, video games, and traveling to new places.

Dr. Kate FishmanKate Fishman, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Assessment Coordinator
Doctorate Program: Counseling Psychology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Doctoral Internship: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Kate is a generalist by training, but she has a special passion for working with students’ concerns related to interpersonal relationships, sexual assault and other types of trauma, identity concerns, and adjustment for first-generation college students.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Kate’s theoretical orientation is rooted in relational-cultural, feminist, and multicultural modalities. She believes that clients are the experts of their own lives and works with students to help them to name their experiences as they go through the healing process. She often uses mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to help empower clients in their journey. Kate also enjoys incorporating creative expression into her work with clients as a way of processing experiences that are difficult to talk about verbally.

Personal Interests: In her free time Kate spends her time hiking the trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains and hanging out on her porch. She is also an avid knitter and loves to talk about all things yarn with others.

Dr. Chris Hogan 2016Christopher Hogan, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina
Doctorate Program: Counseling Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
Doctoral Internship: Appalachian State University

Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Chris has a particular interest in the relationship between physical and mental health, men's issues, mindfulness, research in clinical settings, and program evaluation.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Chris is respectful of each individual and focuses on the development of the whole person. He integrates interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral therapy into his work with students, while also emphasizing a client-centered, mindfulness, and multicultural approach.

Personal Interests: In his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family; sports and exercise, whether it be heading to the gym, hiking a trail, or watching a game on T.V.; traveling and exploring new places; and the challenges of learning how to do new home improvement projects.

Dr. Sara Klčo 2016Sara Klčo, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Groups Coordinator
Doctorate Program: Counseling Psychology, Georgia State University
Doctoral Internship: Clemson University


Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Sara's areas of interest range widely, but she is particularly passionate about mindfulness, working with survivors of trauma, and working with folks experiencing oppression. Other interests include stress management, graduate students, transfer students, and people working through identity-related or existential concerns. In addition to individual therapy, Sara enjoys group work, supervision, and wilderness therapy.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Sara's approach to counseling is collaborative and holistic, drawing on an integration of Eastern, multicultural/feminist, and interpersonal approaches. She often uses mindfulness and other contemplative practices in her work, and believes in using a strength-based model to help clients gain empowerment on their healing journey.

Personal Interests: Sara's personal interests include hanging out with her human and canine loved ones, adventuring in the outdoors, crafting baked goods/tasty dinners/natural remedies, live music, meditation, and yoga.

Dr. Stephanie Langston 2016bStephanie Langston, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Clinical Director/Coordinator of Emergency Services/Contract Staff Coordinator
Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina
Doctorate Program: Counseling Psychology, Washington State University
Doctoral Internship: Appalachian State University

Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Stephanies areas of interest include LGBT, trauma-related issues, life transitions, transfer students, and eating concerns. In addition to individual therapy, she also has a passion for group therapy, supervision/training, and outreach. Stephanie also has a strong research interest in the human-animal bond and womens issues, and she is nationally active with the APA in these areas. Stephanie is also the Co-Coordinator of the Sexual Assault Response Team of Watauga County.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: A generalist by training, Stephanie utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach in her client work. She believes in the power of crafting a strong, affirming relationship with her clients and often uses interpersonal, developmental, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness techniques in therapy.

Personal Interests: In her free time Stephanie enjoys being with her pets: four furry four-legged companions, nine chickens, and two hives of bees. She also loves connecting with friends and family around the country, drinking coffee, exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga, and eating scrumptious food.

Emily LazarEmily K. Lazar, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator, Co-coordinator of Mental Health Ambassadors
Doctorate Program: Clinical Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Doctoral Internship: Appalachian State University


Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Emily has trained in university counseling centers and a rural community mental health center. She has also worked as an advisor for students on academic probation and been involved with the campus group Active Minds. In addition to providing individual therapy, Emily enjoys group therapy and campus outreach and prevention. She is also particularly interested in working with first generation college students, academic and career concerns, phobias, self-harm, grief and loss, suicide prevention, issues of social justice, and reducing stigma around seeking mental health care.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Emily's approach to counseling is collaborative, emphasizing the therapeutic relationship and students' goals and strengths. She primarily integrates principles of interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and dialectical behavior therapies.

Personal Interests: In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling, creative writing, cooking, biking, drinking tea, and watching British TV.

Professional Interests/Areas of Expertise: Denises areas of interest include outreach and prevention and she has developed a number of campus wide programs addressing a variety of mental health issues. As part of such efforts, Denise co-created and co-leads the Mental Health Ambassadors, a peer education group that is focused on delivering presentations to students on mental health related topics. Denise provides individual therapy and is a generalist in practice with an expertise in the treatment of eating disorders. In addition to individual therapy, Denise often leads general therapy process groups and provides supervision to both Masters and Doctoral level students. Over the years, Denise has provided consultation to communities such as Greek Life, Residence Life, and the Appalachian Spiritual Life Association. Denise is the Project Director for the SAMHSA funded Suicide Prevention Project on campus and supervises the campus Suicide Prevention Coordinator.

Approach to counseling/Theoretical Orientation: Denise is rather eclectic in her approach to therapy working from both psychodynamic and cognitive behavior theories and practices. Denise also integrates interpersonal theory as well as some gestalt practices into her interventions. Due to the nature of our center, Denise works within a short term model in her delivery of therapy.

Personal Interests: In her personal time, Denise enjoys being with her family adventuring in the mountains or just relaxing together. She travels across the US in her RV or enjoys camping on nearby lakes and forests. She recently started running again and trying yoga.

Dr. Leslie MartinLeslie Martin, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Director of Training/Co-Coordinator of Mental Health Ambassadors
Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina
Doctorate Program: Counseling Psychology, Auburn University
Doctoral Internship: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Leslie’s areas of interest include the training and supervision of new and emerging professionals. She also enjoys career counseling, working with non-traditional students, and helping students who are navigating identity-related and developmental concerns. Leslie is passionate about prevention and outreach efforts, and loves working with the Appalachian State Mental Health Ambassadors, a program she co-created and co-coordinates with Dr. Denise Lovin.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Leslie’s approach to working with clients is collaborative, and she prefers a holistic integrative approach to treatment that incorporates cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, existential, and client-centered techniques. Leslie recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy and tries to tailor her interventions to each client’s unique needs and preferences. The value of authenticity is appreciated and modeled in Leslie’s therapy sessions.

Personal Interests: Leslie’s interests and hobbies include playing pranks on her co-workers, spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, armchair traveling, magic, and robots. Okay, she’s not really into magic and robots, but she does love to read five books at once, listen to good music, and spend money on shoes.

Ms. Audrey StoneAudrey Stone, M.A.
Staff Counselor, Diversity Outreach Coordinator

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in North Carolina

Graduate Program: Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy, Appalachian State University

Masters Internship: Counseling & Psychological Services Center, Appalachian State University

Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Audrey is a generalist by training, and as such enjoys working with students with a broad variety of presenting concerns. These commonly include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and eating concerns. Special areas of interest include group therapy, campus outreach, connecting with traditionally under-served student populations, and the therapeutic use of art for healing and self-expression.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Audrey uses an integrative, person-centered approach to therapy that draws on mindfulness, interpersonal processing, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and expressive arts therapy. She strives to incorporate a multicultural perspective into her work, acknowledging the numerous intersecting identities that shape her clients' unique experiences in the world.

Personal Interests: In her free time she enjoys gardening, crafting, the occasional Netflix binge, and hiking with her dog, Margo.

Support Staff

Ashley MitchellAshley Phillips, B.S.

Administative Assistant

Undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Concentration in Human Services, Appalachian State University



Personal Interests: In Ashley’s free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting, curling up with a good book, and hiking with her dog, Avery.

Dawn 1Dawn Jarrett
Office Manager




Personal Interests: As a native of Florida, Dawn enjoys camping, boating, kayaking, and reading a good book. She loves spending time with her family. Dawn states that "I miss the beach and the feel of the sand between my toes."

Sammy HartleySammy L. Hartley, B.S.
Systems Administrator, Titanium Schedule System Administrator, Webpages Administrator
Undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, History, Appalachian State University


Personal Interests: Among Sammy's interest are spending time with family and friends, learning new concepts, ideologies, and methodolgies in a number of fields, history, music (all forms), guitar, photography, art, reading, sports, television, and working with computers and various software programs. He enjoys doing research and the creative part of the writing process.

Doctoral Interns

Katelyn CampbellKatelyn N. Campbell, M. A.
Doctoral Psychology Intern
Doctorate Program: Clinical Psychology at the University of Hartford



Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Katelyn enjoys working with college students with a broad range of presenting concerns including depression, anxiety/perfectionism, trauma, academic challenges, social/relationship concerns, identity development, and eating disorders. She is particularly passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ students and co-facilitating the Transgender Therapy Group at the Counseling Center. In addition, Katelyn enjoys doing outreach events and advocacy work related to sexual violence and suicide prevention.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Katelyn's approach to counseling is highly collaborative and integrative, relying heavily on humanistic, feminist, and multicultural theory. She strongly values creating a safe space for students to tap into their own resilience as well as feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

Personal Interests: In her free time, Katelyn enjoys creative pursuits such as fiber arts (knitting, spinning, crocheting) and photography. She also enjoys hiking and exploring the Boone area with her energetic shih-tzu.

Sandra MillingSandra K. Milling, M.S.
Doctoral Psychology Intern
Doctorate Program: Clinical Health Psychology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte



Postdoctoral Residents

Dr. Matt MorganMatthew C. Morgan, Psy.D.

Postdoctoral Psychology Resident
Doctorate Program: La Salle University
Doctoral Internship: Immaculata Consortium: Belmont Behavioral Hospital Outpatient Program


Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Matt has experience working in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, community mental health clinics, and college counseling centers and has worked with most varieties of psychological distress and illness. He has particular interests in mindfulness-based interventions and psychosis, but believes that all varieties of psychological distress inform aspects of the human experience.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Initially, Matt focuses on building understanding and appreciation of others’ experience, and drawing out the processes which contribute to distress. After mutually acceptable consensus is reached, he will likely encourage informed and relevant experimentations in self-awareness practices, daily habits, and styles of interaction. Matt’s primary training is in cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-oriented treatment approaches, and is informed by a variety of perspectives, including evolutionary, psychodynamic, existential and transpersonal.

Personal Interests: Matt enjoys spending time with friends, absurdity and nonsense, creating and performing music, team-oriented video games, learning, exercise, and cooking.

Dr. Charled RussellCharles Russell, Psy.D.
Postdoctoral Psychology Resident
Doctorate Program: The Institute for the Psychological Sciences at Arlington, VA
Doctoral Internship: The University of North Dakota at Grand Forks


Professional Interests / Areas of Expertise: Charles has a wide range of clinical interests including life transitions, existential questions, development of personality, psychological maturity, coping strategies, as well as cultivating personal freedom and human dignity. In his clinical work, Charles has worked successfully with people across the lifespan who have experienced a wide variety of concerns in contexts of individual, couple, and group therapies.

Approach to counseling / Theoretical Orientation: Charles tailors treatment to meet the needs of individuals. Often his work integrates psychodynamic, interpersonal, emotion-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and solution oriented techniques. When working with couples Charles uses a specific therapy model called Relationship Enhancement. Charles has also been trained in and uses EMDR, a treatment for those who have had disturbing life experiences.

Personal Interests: Among his many interests, Charles enjoys spending time with family and friends, competitive wookie calling, music, dancing, being offended, travel, new cultural experiences, jaywalking, learning, as well as asking irrelevant and absurd questions at inappropriate times.

Emergency Services

The Counseling Center offers after-hours emergency coverage for urgent mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and other trauma.  Call the Counseling Center at 828-262-3180 and select the option to speak with the counselor on-call.

During operating hours, students in crisis can walk in any time.

Prevent Suicide Block

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