Welcome to Spring Semester 2021: Let's Connect!

We are excited about all the ways the Counseling Center is supporting students in the midst of the pandemic. We transitioned everything we do – all types of counseling, outreach, and education programs, consultation, and training of graduate student counselors – to telemental health and other virtual means. Please see Facts from Fall for important highlights from the fall.


Feb 5
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Spring 2021 Feel'n Good Workshops!

We are offering workshops and activities throughout the semester to help you reduce isolation, build new coping skills, and increase mental wellbeing. These events are open to all App State students and do not require advance registration. They are offered live via Zoom (and some are also available as recordings on our YouTube channel and Instagram page). We can provide verification of attendance if your faculty members offer extra credit. Click here for the workshop schedule, and here for instructions to access the Zoom links. We hope to see you soon!


Jan 26
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Finding Balance Over Break: Tips for Having Difficult Conversations

Winter break can bring fun opportunities, but what happens when what you need is different from what others want from you? The following tips can help you understand your own needs and communicate with others effectively and with kindness.

Understand how you feel about a situation:

1. Consider your values and what’s important to you. Remember that sometimes two important values can conflict with one another (e.g. spending time with family may be an important value, and spending time by yourself or with friends can be other important values).


Dec 10, 20
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Coping Skills During COVID-19

College can be a stressful time under normal circumstances, not to mention during a pandemic! The additional stressors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic can have significant impacts on student mental health. We've compiled a self-help document, 'Coping During the Coronavirus Pandemic' we hope will help students become more familiar with the resources available to them, including websites, apps, and campus supports. Head over to our Self-Help page under *Coping During the Corona Virus Pandemic* to explore self-help materials for this and other topics related to student mental health.


Oct 23, 20
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Emergency Services

The Counseling Center offers after-hours emergency coverage for urgent mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and other trauma.  Call the Counseling Center at 828-262-3180 and select the option to speak with the counselor on-call.

For additional resources see our Emergency Services page.

Prevent Suicide Block