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Support for My Journey

We all need different support at different times during our journey through life and our journey through App State.

Consider what you need.

The support options below will help you learn which resources at App State and in the community are a good fit for you at this point in your journey. But first, take a few moments to consider what you need at this time. Use these practices and resources to help you reflect on your needs. Then consider the resources below, and click on the picture for more resources:

What do you need at this time to help you feel supported?

Need to talk or get a little guidance, but not ongoing counseling?

Need a supportive peer group to deal with a difficulty or challenge?

Interested in counseling for anxiety, depression, or similar concerns?

Interested in counseling and support for substance use concerns?

Are you experiencing a mental health emergency?

Are you dealing with sexual assault or harassment?

Do you need help with academic or career concerns?

Need to nurture your body, spirit, and bring balance to your well-being?

Interested in multicultural resources/support for intersecting identities?

Do you need support but aren't sure what type or where to go?