COVID-19 Changes to Internship Program at CAPS

The training of doctoral psychology interns and their development of the competencies outlined by the APA’s SoA has remained a priority following the onset of COVID-19. At present (last updated 10/11/21), interns and staff members are working full time in the Counseling Center. Initial consultations are taking place via telephone, group therapy is primarily occuring via Zoom Telehealth, and individual therapy sessions are occuring both in-person and via Zoom. While most meetings (staff meetings, supervision sessions, and various training seminars) are being conducted in person, there is an opportunity to meet via Zoom depending on the unique needs of each staff member and trainee.

As we have learned over the course of the last two years, things can change quickly. Please direct any questions about COVID-19 and its impact on the Doctoral Psychology Internship program at Appalachian State University to Leslie Martin, Training Director.

Emergency Services

The Counseling Center offers after-hours emergency coverage for urgent mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and other trauma.  Call the Counseling Center at 828-262-3180 and select the option to speak with the counselor on-call.

For additional resources see our Emergency Services page.

Prevent Suicide Block